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2450A/0.57mH Anode Saturable Reactor

As a type of current liming reactor, the 2450A/0.57mH water-cooled anode saturable reactor is used for high voltage direct current (HVDC) ±500KV converter valve components. As an electrical component, this high voltage reactor has two main functions:
1. To restrict the SCR triggered current increase rate (di/dt);
2. To restrict the instantaneous steep wave front impulse voltage of the SCR.

Features of the Anode Saturable Reactor
Compact structure
High pressure resistant
Deeply saturated iron core
High current
Small size

Key Indicators
Rated current: 2450A
58kV the main inductance of surge voltage LH+Lσ =0.57 mH±10% 58kV
Stray inductance Lσ >18μH
The resistance lost in eddy Rw=1.9kΩ±10%
Damping resistance including those mapped on the primary resistance by the secondary Rs=88Ω±10%
The leakage inductance of the damping including those mapped on the primary shunt resistance Ls ≥225μH±10%
The resistance of primary coil at 20 C Rcu≤1.8mΩ
Surge equivalent damping capacitance CD=33pF±10%
Voltage time area Δψ=155mVs±5%

Sample Projects: National Grid

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